Deep Work Day 3 | 7.5.17

Day three is done! Being tired from yesterday’s holiday excitement made working deep today harder than it has been, but I feel really good about the work I got done. Here’s how I spent my time:

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Deep Work: My July Challenge

June Desktop WallpaperSo, a new month and a new challenge. Are you surprised? After my month of early mornings in May, I thought I’d give myself a break from challenges in June. But you know what happened? I was bored. And I didn’t get a whole lot of new work done. Not very much new painting or writing. That bothers me.

Just so we’re clear, I don’t really do challenges for the sake of a challenge. I do them with specific goals in mind that the challenge will help me address. But in framing it as a challenge, I am much more motivated to push hard to finish. To persevere. Especially when it radically goes against an already deeply engrained bad/neutral habit that I have become aware of. Maybe I’m addicted to self-improvement? That’s something we can address later. I haven’t yet regretted focusing intensely on achieving a well-thought out and purposeful goal or direction.

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What I Learned from my 5am Challenge + Why I Am Still Waking Up

PrintI did it. I woke up every day in the month of May at 5am. It was super hard and I still can’t quite believe that I did it. What’s even more unbelievable is the fact that I’m still getting up early. I don’t want to quit.

A little background: At the beginning of May I wrote a blog post to explain why I wanted to torture myself and get up at 5am every day for a month. I was tired of my lazy, indulgent sleep habits and got inspired by a bunch of people on the internet when I googled ‘how to wake up early’. (Try it, it’s fun) Turns out a lot of people do it and no one has died from it…imagine that. So I made up a challenge for myself.

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Curating My Email

Beautiful Fresh Flowers Flora Shop Work Space BusinessLast week I wrote about how excited I was that I finally cleaned out my email. This week I wanted to share with you how I actually use my email inbox as a way to curate creative reading + inspiration for my work as well as my mind. I use my inbox as a tool to further my work, while simultaneously not allowing it to be a source of stress in my life. I’ve finally been awakened to the fact that I can choose for myself what gets emailed to me. All the stuff I don’t want is out. But what do I actually want??

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May: A Month of Early Mornings

Early morningsWow, lots of M’s in that title! Not intended.

Last night on Facebook I made a pretty dramatic announcement. At least dramatic for me. You can read it here if you want. A monthly challenge, if you will. To help me conquer my sleep issues.

After a lot of thinking and fighting in my soul, as well as research, I’ve finally decided to commit to a month of 5am mornings. I have a lot of reasons for this personal growth challenge:

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Wow, March + My 100 Day Project Announcement

IMG_7818So the month of March was a doozy. I don’t even really like that word but it’s the best one I can come up with. Not a bad month, just crazy.

We had a great trip down to Florida to see some of my family and some of my husband’s family.

March was the first month of using the Everydollar budgeting app by Dave Ramsey and actually sticking to a budget, even on a trip. Huge win for us! If you don’t already have a good system in place for creating monthly budgets and sticking to them, definitely try Everydollar. Continue reading “Wow, March + My 100 Day Project Announcement”