Collaborative Giveaway | February 2017

giveawayI’ve gotten slightly obsessed with the idea of collaboration. I’ll probably write a whole blog post on it once I’ve organized my thoughts but bottom line, I think collaborating is the best way to move forward with most anything. We learn better, faster, and have more fun when we’re connecting with other people doing similar things. Even when we connect with people doing completely different things. There’s a special kind of creativity that comes out of combining thought processes, styles, and dreams with other people that just doesn’t happen when we’re on our own.

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This is Hard. | Art + Self-employment

img_7428Warning: personal post. If you’re interested in what self-employment and chasing dreams is actually like, keep reading. Spoiler alert: it’s not nearly as glamorous as it sounds or looks on Instagram. But it’s still awesome.

So, this is hard. This thing I’m trying to do…whatever it’s called. Being an artist, starting a business, working for myself, being my own boss, chasing a dream, living my calling, enjoying life. It has many descriptors.

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My 6 Hour Project | February 11, 2017

img_7525I feel like I cheated. On Saturday, I did a six hour project instead of a 12 hour project so that I didn’t have to get up so early AND so that I wouldn’t miss out on a fun birthday dinner. Those are good reasons right? Well the second one is at least.

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24 Variations Project | Part January

img_7340First month of 2017 completed! I finished my S K Y series for January and completed my first 24 Variations Project. What is a 24 Variations Project? Well let me tell you!

First, some background.

Some time last year, I started getting excited about the idea of painting a million (not literally) little paintings of the same thing for the sake of practicing the same concept over and over. One of the things that holds me back from really honing in on a design or concept is my impatience to just get something made. And I thought that if I created a project around the concept of painting several times over a design that I had previously painted, it would give me a specific goal to work towards, aka finishing the project, and I would get practice practicing. Does that make sense? My impatience keeps me from really practicing something well to build my skills and I wanted to attack that and do something fun at the same time.  Continue reading “24 Variations Project | Part January”

January Art Theme | S K Y

img_7175Starting out this 2017 year, I decided I wanted a monthly project that would not overwhelm me but would give me some direction when I wanted to sit down and make art for myself. A huge part of my process in discovering new styles is to play a lot and it’s hard to come up with specific ideas of what to do all the time. Especially if I want to make at least a few quality pieces every month. I needed to help myself with having regular direction and not rely on spontaneous inspiration all the time.

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Journaling in 2017


One of my creative focuses this year was to experiment more with my journaling style. At the end of last year, I started following several artists with beautiful journaling styles that made my journaling just look so boring. Now I’m a big believer in just doing whatever you want and not comparing your styles to other people, but I have been genuinely wanting to bring more art into my journaling at some level. So I made myself a journal that I could also paint in and started the adventure on January 1.

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12 Hour Art Project | November 30, 2016

img_6614I completed my fifth and final 12 hour art project for the year 2016 at the end of November. A bit of delay in my posting of it, I know, but if you check back to this blog post, you’ll see why I had no time for blogging in December.

You know the drill with these projects. I paint for 12 hours straight and share my work as I go every hour on Instagram under the hashtag #12hourartproject. You can see all five of my projects, starting with my very first one back in February under that hashtag.

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My Handmade Christmas Haul

fullsizerender-49I have this crazy idea every year that for my immediate family, everyone should get something handmade from me. Mostly for the excuse of making cool stuff, though. It doesn’t really save any money and it definitely doesn’t save time. This year I made the most gifts I’ve ever made in about a two week span. And I’m putting them here on this blog to document that I should never do this again.

But, who am I kidding. It will probably happen again next year. I just can’t help myself.

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5 Creative Books to Kick Off 2017

img_6966A huge way I keep myself full on creative input is just by reading books that inspire me. Sometimes this is fiction or nonfiction novels. Sometimes it’s theology or literature. But most of the time it’s creative or artistic books. They don’t necessarily need to be about art or art-making but if they touch on the creative life at all, I’m into it.

So, I put a whole bunch of books on my Christmas list this year. And I got these five winners. This month, I’ll be working through these and making art as I read them. Go check them out!

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