Deep Work Day 4 | July 6, 2017

Today’s work got hijacked by the arrival of my niece! So excited about the first sweet baby in our family. I did manage to do my painting hours though my time at the hospital made finished my reading + writing time impossible. Anything for a baby right?

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Deep Work: My July Challenge

June Desktop WallpaperSo, a new month and a new challenge. Are you surprised? After my month of early mornings in May, I thought I’d give myself a break from challenges in June. But you know what happened? I was bored. And I didn’t get a whole lot of new work done. Not very much new painting or writing. That bothers me.

Just so we’re clear, I don’t really do challenges for the sake of a challenge. I do them with specific goals in mind that the challenge will help me address. But in framing it as a challenge, I am much more motivated to push hard to finish. To persevere. Especially when it radically goes against an already deeply engrained bad/neutral habit that I have become aware of. Maybe I’m addicted to self-improvement? That’s something we can address later. I haven’t yet regretted focusing intensely on achieving a well-thought out and purposeful goal or direction.

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What I Learned from my 5am Challenge + Why I Am Still Waking Up

PrintI did it. I woke up every day in the month of May at 5am. It was super hard and I still can’t quite believe that I did it. What’s even more unbelievable is the fact that I’m still getting up early. I don’t want to quit.

A little background: At the beginning of May I wrote a blog post to explain why I wanted to torture myself and get up at 5am every day for a month. I was tired of my lazy, indulgent sleep habits and got inspired by a bunch of people on the internet when I googled ‘how to wake up early’. (Try it, it’s fun) Turns out a lot of people do it and no one has died from it…imagine that. So I made up a challenge for myself.

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Curating My Email

Beautiful Fresh Flowers Flora Shop Work Space BusinessLast week I wrote about how excited I was that I finally cleaned out my email. This week I wanted to share with you how I actually use my email inbox as a way to curate creative reading + inspiration for my work as well as my mind. I use my inbox as a tool to further my work, while simultaneously not allowing it to be a source of stress in my life. I’ve finally been awakened to the fact that I can choose for myself what gets emailed to me. All the stuff I don’t want is out. But what do I actually want??

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May: A Month of Early Mornings

Early morningsWow, lots of M’s in that title! Not intended.

Last night on Facebook I made a pretty dramatic announcement. At least dramatic for me. You can read it here if you want. A monthly challenge, if you will. To help me conquer my sleep issues.

After a lot of thinking and fighting in my soul, as well as research, I’ve finally decided to commit to a month of 5am mornings. I have a lot of reasons for this personal growth challenge:

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