Deep Work Day 4 | July 6, 2017

Today’s work got hijacked by the arrival of my niece! So excited about the first sweet baby in our family. I did manage to do my painting hours though my time at the hospital made finished my reading + writing time impossible. Anything for a baby right?

Two Hours of Painting from 8-10am:

I spent about 15 minutes finishing this painting:


I finished up this commissioned card in about 25 minutes. My first time painting Chinese characters!


I finished this commissioned 8×10 galaxy for a friend in about 20 minutes:


I started a new spread of illustrations for my children’t book project. I spent about 45 minutes here:


I also started a new 12×16 landscape painting that is going in my new art series for a show in September. I spent the remaining 20 minutes on getting it started:


So, like I said, I didn’t get my reading + writing done today but life happens and it’s okay! Friday is a catch-up day (which is why this blog post got posted Friday and not yesterday) so I’ll start again on my deep work times on Monday.

If you’re interested in this deep work thing I’m talking about, read about my July challenge here.

Thanks for following along!




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