Deep Work Day 3 | 7.5.17

Day three is done! Being tired from yesterday’s holiday excitement made working deep today harder than it has been, but I feel really good about the work I got done. Here’s how I spent my time:

Two Hours of Painting from 10:30am-12:30pm:

I spent 10 minutes putting the finishing touches on this 5×7 floral painting that I started yesterday:


I tried really hard to finish this painting, also started yesterday. But it’s not quite done yet. I spent almost an hour and a half on this 8×10:


And to finish out my time I hand painted this lettering for my children’s book project. This took me about 25 minutes:


Two Hours of Reading + Writing from 2-4pm:

  • Read for thirty minutes: Writers and their Notebooks
  • Journaling for thirty minutes: stream of consciousness
  • Wrote for an hour: my minimalism + art essay

Read more about my deep work challenge for July!

Thanks for following along, tschüss!





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