Deep Work Day 2 | 7.4.17

Second day done! We had some 4th of July plans for later in the day so JD and I woke up early and did our creative work from 7-11am. Here’s what I did today:

Two Hours of Painting from 7-9am:

This 5×7 Tree Ring painting took me about 30 minutes:


I just about finished this floral painting in an hour’s worth of time:


I spend five minutes painting a background for a commissioned card:


And 20 minutes starting a new 8×10 painting on 100% rag cotton watercolor paper, which was a dream to paint on:



Two Hours Reading + Writing from 9-11am:

  • 50 minutes reading: Writer’s and Their Notebooks, p. 87-120
  • 1 hour journaling: notes for essays I want to write on minimalism and journaling
  • 10 minutes reading: Drawing from Life

And that’s it for day two! Happy Fourth of July!

P.S. If you’re confused as to what this deep work thing is, just read about my deep work challenge for the month of July.



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