Deep Work Day 1 | 7.3.17

Today was my first day of completing my Deep Work challenge for July. Here’s what I did with my time:

Two Hours of Painting from 9-11am:

I spent 1.17 hours finishing up this illustration for my children’s book project:


And .63 hours finishing up this illustration, for the same children’s book project:


5 minutes adding another layer to this commissioned galaxy:


I spent the remaining 7 minutes prepping the paper and board for my next commissioned painting that I’ll be starting sometime this week.

Two Hours of Writing/Reading from 2-4pm:

  • Wrote for 1 hour on an essay about how minimalism has affected my art-making: 1949 words total.
  • Read Writer’s and Their Notebooks pg. 62-87 for 35 minutes + Drawing from Life for 10 minutes taking these notes:
    • journaling Skillshare class?
    • an industry for creating inspiration rather than just finished pieces
      • teach how to find your own inspiration
      • how am I inspired to action?
    • start every journal entry with a sentence I’ve never written before
    • look up Denyse Schmidt quilts

It was a great first day and I look forward to continuing tomorrow!





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