I Cleaned Out My Email

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Happy Monday everyone! I’ve completed my first week of 5am mornings and feel so good! One of the tasks I’ve had on my list and finally had time to do last week was to clean out my email inbox.

So boring and terrible, but…so worth it.

I have three separate email accounts: one is my church staff email, one is an old gmail account that holds my junk mail and the new one is the one I give to friends who I know won’t spam me. All three have stuff in them that I don’t need but the old gmail account was by far the worst one. I had about 6,500 unread emails in my inbox, which doesn’t include all of the ones I’d actually opened over the course of three years or so. Ridiculous.

Plus I was noticing that every time I looked at my email icon on my phone with the little red notification that I had thousands of unread emails, I’d get so anxious.

So for the sake of my sanity + peace of mind, my productivity and efficiency, I got rid of them. All of them.

These are the basic steps I took:

  1. Out of the first page of 100 or so emails I was getting, I took note of which ones I wanted to keep receiving, creative newsletters and e-statements mostly. I wanted to get all promos out of my inbox. Side note: this helps to not online shop so much, if you have a problem with that. 
  2. I made individual folders for my newsletters and bills so I’d have a place to sort and read them later if I wanted to. That way I wouldn’t feel like I needed to keep things in my inbox for so long.
  3. I sorted what I wanted to keep and archived everything else. I knew that if I wanted to search for something later, I could. But everything needed to get out of my inbox.
  4. As new promos and other spammy emails came through, I’d open them and unsubscribe. Over and over. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when it’ll register in the system that you’ve unsubscribed. It took a few days for some of them.
  5. I’m still unsubscribing from a few stragglers that are coming in slower and slower.
  6. All I keep in my inbox now are emails that need me to do something with them. Then once I’ve done the task, it goes away.

It takes a little bit of patience and a lot of staring a monster in the face but I’m sooo happy it’s done. The end goal is to only receive emails that I want to receive. You do have a choice which ones show up and which don’t.

Does your inbox look like you want it to?? Let me know! What steps have you taken to clean out your email and simplify your life a little more?

Thanks for reading! I’m going to do a separate post on what I ended up keeping in my inbox. Creative stuff that I look forward to every week, so stay tuned!



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