Wow, March + My 100 Day Project Announcement

IMG_7818So the month of March was a doozy. I don’t even really like that word but it’s the best one I can come up with. Not a bad month, just crazy.

We had a great trip down to Florida to see some of my family and some of my husband’s family.

March was the first month of using the Everydollar budgeting app by Dave Ramsey and actually sticking to a budget, even on a trip. Huge win for us! If you don’t already have a good system in place for creating monthly budgets and sticking to them, definitely try Everydollar.

And along with the budgeting thing, just generally getting excited about simplifying our life and getting rid of a lot of stuff. We cleared out our storage unit completely and are preparing to sell about 95% of it in a yard sale on April 1st. March was great.

But all of those things plus I was sick for a week was not conducive to focused work. I feel like I hardly did any painting, which is a terrible feeling. It’s like I’m stopped up but also not feeling inspired because I’ve been away from it for a couple weeks. Weird how inspiration works. If I’m not constantly in it, sometimes it just won’t show up. And I’ve been so focused on simplifying things around our home and getting ready for our big yard sale tomorrow that I haven’t been making art or sticking with my monthly art goals.

My initial response to this is to feel really guilty.

But that’s just not right. You know why? Because a huge reason why I chose to start working for myself, cultivate my skills and love for art and build this business is so that I can actually have a say over what my days look like. All this purging of our things (totally getting obsessed with the minimalism lifestyle) and simplifying is going to end up helping my husband and I to be really intentional with what we bring into our lives and help us love people more. That’s all I want from being an artist too, right? The flexibility to explore and grow and love people.

All of the things we did in March are carrying us closer to those bigger lifestyle goals and, though the work has been intense and I haven’t gotten much painting done, I’m preparing the space and strengthening my mental energy I need to focus on painting next month as I start the 100 Day Project.

100 Day Project starts April 4th!

Speaking of the 100 Day Project, I think I know what I’m going to do! I’ve been torn between several great ideas, some are more focused on moving my business forward and some are more focused on my personal growth as an artist and person.

For example, one idea for my personal growth as an artist was to do a 100 Day Project involving working out of a sketchbook every day. I’ve been neglecting my sketchbooks in favor of more finished pieces that are for something or someone specific. Not a whole lot of process work happening right now. I just feel a bit ‘eh’ about sketching.

One idea for my personal growth as a person was to play piano every day for at least five minutes. I used to be pretty decent in high school and early college because I was practicing for a minimum of an hour and a half every day. Once I left my routines, I stopped practicing. But I do have a piano at home. I just need to carve out time to play more because I really do love it. And would like to memorize some of the pieces that I love to play already.

Finally, the idea I had that was more business-focused was to work on a gallery wall every day in this project, with the intent on creating one complete gallery wall per week. This would be for the purpose of practicing my design skills as well as practice creating art and groups of art based on a theme or a story for my portfolio. Since designing and making gallery walls for people is something I want to add to my business this year as a service, I need to work towards developing what that even looks like.

So what’s the decision?? I have already dubbed the year 2017 a year where I focus on developing this art thing into a business while I grow in my skills and love for painting. I’ve decided that the 100 Day Project needs to be in line with that as well. So my 100 Day Project is going to be:


I’m pretty excited and still ironing out what that’s even going to look like from day to day. I’m hoping with a big theme like ‘gallery walls’  I’ll have lots of varied days and varied art to create. And bonus, this will pair nicely with what I’m already doing this year with my monthly themes. I can just use some of the things I make for my themes in my gallery walls and it’s a win-win.

Stay tuned! I’m planning on working through a brainstorm session on Monday for what the heck this will even look like and then the 100 Day Project starts on Tuesday, April 4th!

Check out my summation of last year’s 100 Day Project: #100daysoffloralsproject to see what I’ve done in the past!

Have any ideas for me on this? Please share them!

As always, thanks for reading and just generally being great.



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