24 Variations Project | February

IMG_7756February’s 24 Variation Project kind of happened randomly in the middle of the night. I was struggling to sleep and my tossing and turning was starting to bother my husband. So I decided to get up and paint.

Sometimes just doing something helps me stop obsessing over what I need to get done the next day. Which is usually why I’m struggling to sleep.

I was feeling overwhelmed with all my work and needed to just paint something while I prayed to calm down. Before I got out of bed, I lay there thinking about painting petals. Which is why I got up at 1am and painted this F L O R A L post for Instagram:


F L O R A L 11/20 #rla2017themes

Then I loved it so much, I decided to use this basic design for my variations project. I went on to paint six more sheets of these petals that would be cut down to 24 different pieces with 24 different poems on them. I got in bed that night around 3am.

But the process of painting all these petals, typing out the poetry on my typewriter, tearing the tracing paper (this is what the poems are printed on) and assembling each one was so relaxing and meditative. Just like my S K Y variations project from January was.

So here are a few shots of all 24 pieces together and then some of the individual ones so you can read a few of the poems I picked. Enjoy!






Thanks for reading and following along on my projects! I hope some of these provide you with inspiration and fuel for your own creative ideas.



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