March Art Theme + Minimalism

march-themeI’m excited to announce my new theme for March! It’s called PHOTO to A B S T R A C T.

It’ll be a little different than what I’ve typically done. I’ve done a few abstracts in the past but have never felt very good about them. And whenever I see other artists making minimalist abstracts, I just die. I love them so much.

Why can’t I attempt to solve the mystery of abstract art?

So I decided to make some of my own minimalist abstracts this month–inspired by photography from Instagram artists I love. It’s kind of like a blind collaboration project. This theme is a chance to highlight some great photography as well as practice taking direct inspiration from their gorgeous photos. Photography, especially landscapes + documentary photography, is probably the main medium inspiring me right now in my art. So this is a chance to use that inspiration on a 1:1 ratio. One photo inspiring one abstract piece. And I show both in all my Instagram posts so you can see where the colors + marks are coming from, as well as give credit to the photographer.

My need to do a minimalist art theme this month has other reasons, more personal ones. My husband and I have gotten hooked on the concepts from the Minimalism documentary on Netflix as well as The Minimalists podcast. Both are addicting and watching them will make you want to throw all your stuff away haha. But the idea of living a more intentional, purposeful life is so exciting and inspiring to me. It starts by getting rid of the things we own that aren’t bringing value to us anymore. The great thing about getting rid of stuff, selling or donating it, is that we are providing for the opportunity that someone else might get value from something we don’t need. Instead of holding on to unneeded items and wasting our space and energy on it. It’s a win-win.

We are currently doing Project 333 as a way to simplify our wardrobe + closet and participating in the Minimalism Game for the month of March together. Once the minimalism game is over, we will have gotten rid of over 1,000 things we don’t need anymore! I already feel like I breathe better and am not wasting nearly as much time or energy on things that don’t bring me value or aren’t loving other people.

So how does that affect my art?

Well, specifically applying these minimalist themes to abstracts, the idea would be that no mark I make on the paper is unintentional. I’m focused, purposeful, + in the moment, responding honestly to the photo I’ve chosen for inspiration and letting the art happen. This isn’t usually how I work and I’m excited to challenge myself to a theme that’s more about the process than it is about the end result.

Who knows what’s going to happen. I might hate everything I make and look forward to going back to illustrations in April. Or this might become part of my normal art-making life. Either way, I’m excited to see what happens and will be sharing it on Instagram as I go. Check the hashtag #rla2017themes to keep up with it!

Also check my other blog posts for January and February to see what my themes have been like so far in 2017!

Have any thoughts or comments about minimalism and art? Please talk to me! I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, tschüss!



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