March 2017 Goals

My favorite page in my 2017 Floral Calendar.

Do y’all remember when I talked about goals in this blog post and I said my own New Year’s Resolution was to spend a little time each month making goals for only that month? Well it’s going pretty well. I’m 2 out of 3 months so far because I missed February haha. I use the excuse that I didn’t complete everything I wanted to in January so I just let those carry over to February. But I still should’ve taken ten minutes to evaluate what should’ve been carried over and what maybe could’ve been left behind.

So I thought maybe it’d help if I write a blog post about them! Because I’m sure you guys are dying to know… lol.

So here goes, my March goals:

  1. Launch Patreon page (Will explain what this is in future blog posts!)
  2. Complete a photo shoot with my new camera.
  3. Finish Travel Like an Artist workshop.
  4. Complete March 24 Variations Project.
  5. Complete March monthly theme of ‘Photo to Abstract’ paintings. 20 total. See them all on Instagram under #rla2017themes.

The first three are my big-ish goals for the month and the last two are my every-month goals. Every month I complete a 20-piece themed series and a 24 Variations Project based off of that theme.

The next step after setting my big goals is to simplify them by making specific tasks I need to complete to move me toward accomplishing them. Those specific tasks go in my weekly goals lists. Sometimes I’ll feel really inspired and will just knock out an entire goal in one or two days. But I don’t plan for that. I plan for it to be more difficult and try to make it easier on myself to feel like I’m making progress. When I’m focused, I can reward myself with lots of check marks! So satisfying.

Here’s an example of specific tasks on my list.

For number 3: Finish Travel Like An Artist workshop…

  1. Read through requirements.
  2. Estimate the time required to finish.
  3. Schedule out the time/days that I will plan to work on it. Put on calendar in bullet journal. Then stick to those days as best as I can.
  4. Write a blog post about it. Journal as I go so I won’t forget everything I was thinking while doing it.

Do you set monthly goals? If so, what kinds of things do you plan for? What are your struggles in completing them? Share your wisdom with me! Comment on this post and let me know how you do this.

Thanks so much for reading.



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