Journaling in 2017


One of my creative focuses this year was to experiment more with my journaling style. At the end of last year, I started following several artists with beautiful journaling styles that made my journaling just look so boring. Now I’m a big believer in just doing whatever you want and not comparing your styles to other people, but I have been genuinely wanting to bring more art into my journaling at some level. So I made myself a journal that I could also paint in and started the adventure on January 1.

Here’s the journal I made for myself:


It is copic-stitched and made from mixed media paper so it can handle a few different types of mediums. As a fun design bonus, at the start of each signature of mixed media pages, I’ve inserted a piece of tracing paper.

“This idea of inspecting life’s smallest details is the most vital role of the journal. Too often, we go blindly, numbly through our days, unable to recall the shape of a peach eaten at breakfast or the color of a co-worker’s sweater.” –Jennifer New, Drawing from Life


I’ve already completed a few spreads that I really like for a couple reasons:

  1. They incorporate some of the artistic elements I’m excited to explore this year: paint and photos.
  2. And they allowed me to still write for the sake of writing, I don’t want to lose that. I still need to write.




The spread I am currently working through started out as a watercolor wash. Then I added a couple pictures of my studio and a screen shot of my current Instagram feed. I like to screen shot my IG and record it in my journal so that looking back, I can see my growth in the pictures I’m posting and in my followers.


I’ve loved documenting my documentation here for you and I hope it encourages you to explore more free styles in your own record of living!

We’re only 13 days into the new year so I’m sure as we go, I’ll have a lot more to share.

“…they ‘are a collection of things I’m curious about, like the Smithsonian: ‘the attic of mankind.'”   –Jennifer New, quoting illustrator John Clapp describing his journals, Drawing from Life

Thanks for reading!



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