My Handmade Christmas Haul

fullsizerender-49I have this crazy idea every year that for my immediate family, everyone should get something handmade from me. Mostly for the excuse of making cool stuff, though. It doesn’t really save any money and it definitely doesn’t save time. This year I made the most gifts I’ve ever made in about a two week span. And I’m putting them here on this blog to document that I should never do this again.

But, who am I kidding. It will probably happen again next year. I just can’t help myself.

So the following was made for my five sisters, two moms, and two dads (combining the in-laws in this as well). I didn’t do anything for my brothers–that was my husband’s job. Though they did get something unique to us as well.

img_7055img_7054img_7053img_7052img_7051 img_6890img_6886img_6884img_6878img_7064img_7063

So each of my sisters and moms got a wall hanging. My immediate sisters each got a hand lettered quote as well to hang with their wall hanging. Then my dads each got a landscape painting depicting a special place where I have special memories with each one. One is Kure Beach, NC and the other one is Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Then everyone in the family, including the bros got one of these Dusty Butler calendars featuring my husband’s famous comics. Well just famous to me. They all came out of his sketchbook or were done for a past Inktober. This calendar was actually one of my favorite things that came out of this past Christmas season.

Thanks for reading! Any of you guys make stuff for Christmas presents?? I’d love to hear about it!



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