Are You Enchanted Easily?

fullsizerender-49I saw a quote on Pinterest (that didn’t have an author with it) that really inspired this blog post today as well as this little sketchbook doodle.

Are you enchanted easily?

I’m asking myself this question.

Sometimes I think I miss the little wonders of the world because I assume I know everything already. Or I just don’t take the energy required to really look at something or really talk to somebody. I bet bored easily when I assume I’ve got someone or something figured out.  

But then I get these moments of clarity when miraculously, something small, but sharp, breaks through the din happening in my mind and I catch my breath. A thought, a note from a song, a ray of light through a cloud, or even an interesting shadow. And all of a sudden I’m hooked. But then I have to make a decision. Do I pursue it to see if there’s more? Or do I decide a little too early to let the moment pass and move on?

Too many times I move on. I deem it unworthy of my precious energy and I move on to something screaming in my face.

Why can’t I slow down and just let myself be enchanted by the things that whisper? That’s where true inspiration comes from. Not from the things demanding attention, but by the subtleties that are easily missed.

Where is the humility to admit I don’t know or can’t predict everything that would lead me to more of an open heart and curious mind? The key, in my mind, to this is having no end game. Not trying to constantly “get” something out of it or manipulate it to serve some purpose. But instead, to just be there with it. With the enchantment. With the wonder.

Let’s let ourselves be enchanted today.

Thank God for the small graces we ignore constantly. All of those are gifts. I want to soak them up and allow them to help me enjoy our generous God more, and acknowledge HIs goodness to me constantly. It’s when I start forgetting those gifts that I start doubting His goodness.

And that’s a scary place to live.

So today and every day, my goal is to live a little more quietly and with open eyes. Looking for those little wonders that feed the artist’s soul and just be quiet with them.

What does that look like for you? How do you keep yourself enchanted with the little wonders?? I’d love to hear your suggestions for this.

Thanks for reading, Tschüss!


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