Weekly Art Update

Here’s your Friday update on the art I made this week. I finally started my acrylic chair series. Acrylic is so different than watercolor. I almost have to get into a completely different state of mind but it was really fun as my first acrylic I’ve done in a while. It’s really good for me to get out of my comfort zone with different mediums.

Also an exciting announcement that I will make on Instagram later is that I’m doing another 12 hour art project tomorrow!!! It’ll probably be 7am-7pm again to take advantage of as much of the light as possible. I thought about starting earlier, like at 6 or 6:30. I’m just not positive I will be able to wake up that early on a Saturday. I’ll keep thinking about it. Stay tuned for that!

Mixed media abstracts to put with the next ten art purchases from my shop!
Wing ink illustration. I just love the delicate, interesting lines.
Practicing some moon phases and handmade birthday card designs.
Watercolor wings. Again, with the delicate lines. Nature is so beautiful.
First in my chair series for a gallery wall! Excited to work on this more.
The start of another jade pumpkin. Still not finished as of this morning.


Loved this week of art and I’m excited to work on more holiday handmade cards next week so those will probably dominate my weekly update post.



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