August Recap

FullSizeRender 25
The August page out of my new 2017 calendar.

August has been a very productive whirlwind!

On July 28th, I made a brain dump list that included 41 things I’d like to start or accomplish in the next few months. I chose to try to accomplish three of those things to get done in the month of August, and amazingly, they got done.

They were: to update my Etsy shop with prints and originals, create and print my watercolor floral calendar, and start the book a week project.

I completed my fourth 12 hour art project and finished a cool musk ox book as part of my book a week project. Confession: it’s the only book I’ve finished so far. I got stuck halfway through my embroidery photo book the week after I finished my musk ox book. I’ll just have to start a new one and come back to it.

My musk ox book!

On a personal note, I started a new Bible reading plan and read the book Quiet…blog post on that coming soon.

My favorite quote of the month was featured on this blog post.

It’s been a great month and I’m excited for September!



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