On Completing a Journal

IMG_4562I completed my journal on June 30, 2016. My first entry in it was on January 1, 2016. I have been filling up journals at the rate of one every six months for a couple years now and have developed a bit of a routine of completion for them.

It’s not overly emotional for me when I finish a book. It’s exciting because I love starting a new one. But not sad emotional. I feel like this post could be a lot more dramatic if it involved lots of tears and issues of letting go. But that’s not how it is.

For the six months I’m using my current book, it goes everywhere with me. I don’t use it for throw-away things like grocery lists, reminders for tasks and random addresses–those things go into my phone. But what I do put in it is a hodge podge of things I want to keep: sermon notes, stream of consciousness, book notes, class/podcast notes, poetry, wish lists, ideas, quotes, project planning brainstorms, words I learn, and souvenirs I want to keep. It is basically a catch-all for what I’m feeding into my brain as well as what comes out of it.

Found poetry from an old book page.

Once a journal is finished, here is my mental to-do list:

  1. Have a new journal ready to go. In this case, I made my next one for myself. You can see it in a post here.
  2. Write in the date of my first and last entry on the first page or inside front cover.
  3. Pick a title for the book. I started naming my journals just recently and I really enjoy mulling over phrases that I feel encompass the last six months I spent. Usually my titles come from a piece of a sentence I wrote in it. The journal I just finished I titled “Weird Words to Share” which came from a sentence I wrote on page 26:

“I don’t know if it’s because I have been a lot more emotionally stable, thanks to my times with God, or if I just don’t have weird words to share.”


I was lamenting here about feeling my weirdness starting to slip little. Yes, that is something I worry about. I don’t want to lose it.

For this book, I will be adding a new item to my completion list that I’m really excited about. Stay tuned for that little item because it’ll get its own post soon!

Thanks for reading!



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