The Art of Memory

MoonwalkingCurrently reading post! I read several books at once usually and am excited to share portions from each one. My currently reading posts will usually consist of one or two of the following things: ‘new’ vocabulary (I say new just because even if I understand the word, I don’t always know how it is officially defined. So I look some of them up out of curiosity), quotes from portions I liked, and my notes/observations.

Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art + Science of Remembering Everything        by Joshua Foer

mnemonist: an individual with the ability to remember and recall unusually long lists of date, such as unfamiliar names, lists of numbers, entries in books, etc.

erudition: extensive knowledge acquired chiefly from books; profound, recondite or bookish learning

labyrinth: a complicated, irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one’s way; a maze

“Then something remarkable happened that would change forever how people thought about their memories. Simonides sealed his sense to the chaos around him and reversed time in his mind…Simonides opened his eyes. He took each of the hysterical relatives by the hand and, carefully stepping over the debris, guided them, one by one, to the spots in the rubble where their loved ones had been siting. At that moment, according to legend, the art of memory was born.” – page 2

I’m excited to continue reading this one!



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