New Sketchbook + Journal


I have decided to make my own sketchbook and journal to use starting this month. They are beautiful and I’m psyched to start using them. I’d thought I’d go ahead and introduce them to you! 



  • Arches watercolor paper 10×14
  • Three signatures of sketchbook paper sewn throughout
  • Brown covers
  • Inside covers to be filled with favorite words/phrases (as I work through it)
  • White thread
  • Coptic stitch binding: I used this tutorial.
  • Other ideas for this sketchbook were inspired by this tutorial.



  • Sketchbook paper – three signatures (hand torn edges)
  • Graph paper – two signatures (hand torn edges)
  • 240 pages total: 5 signatures of 12 sheets each (48 pages total in each sig)
  • Brown covers
  • Blue thread
  • Coptic stitch binding–see tutorial link in sketchbook section.

As I fill them up, I’ll post updates! Time to get working!




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