Today I’m questioning. Tomorrow who knows.


I absolutely hate the days I feel like a fraud. The days I can’t seem to connect with my work. I go from being on top of a mountain after making something I love to questioning everything the very next day. Today I’m questioning. Tomorrow who knows.

I know it’s my job to show up and if the muse decides to show up too, maybe magic will happen. But I can’t force it. I just have to keep reminding myself of that special moment when I realize something is actually going to work. It comes out of nowhere and usually on a very regular day when I pushed through the frustration to show up and do my job.

All the crap is worth it when the 1% of what I make is gold. Because the crap makes the gold feel even more like a miracle.

I can be grateful for the crap.

It’s what gets me to the gold.

I can keep showing up for that.



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