Current Creative Habits + Beliefs

Creative HabitsContinuing on the theme of generally introducing myself to the blogging world, I wanted to share how I currently view the act of creating and my general guidelines for going about making art. These will probably evolve as I grow but this is where I’m at now:

  1. Do as much work as I can on paper–then go to my computer. I never start a creative project on my laptop.
  2. Creative input > Creative output. I go cold pretty quickly if I’m not constantly replenishing my supply of inspiration from reading, research and connecting with people.
  3. Address fears as early as possible. Example: I chose florals as my 100 day project. When I first decided that, I was terrified. The heart flutters are a good thing. Embrace them.
  4. Since nothing is going to pass my 100% perfection standard, I’ve settled on something a little lower so I won’t actually keep myself from my work. I’ve decided on a 75% perfection standard with the expectation of always improving.
  5. Productive procrastination is a thing. Like taking walks or naps. I usually prefer the latter.

I will be posting updates to this post as my creative ‘guidelines’ for myself change. This post will be a good benchmark. I’m excited to see how I progress in learning how to create with smaller and smaller barriers.



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