I Suck at This

ISuckAtThisI just wanted y’all to know. It’s really bad.

I suck at looking put together.

I suck at actually putting together organized posts-at least ones I’m not bored to death with.

I suck at not caring what people think.

I suck at not pressuring myself to be perfect 100% of the time.

I suck at taking pretty pictures. (Obviously…)

Whew… it feels better to get that off my chest.

So I’m going to do this blog thing and it’s going to be really fun and I’m excited. But it’ll suck for a little while, while I get better. It’s better for me if I don’t pretend like I know what I’m doing.

It’s going to be messy but at least it won’t be boring.

I’ll end with Hemingway (Tip: always close with a Hemingway quote and the rest of what you wrote sounds more legit):

“Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual.” – Ernest Hemingway

Stay tuned for more super positive posts!




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