Whitney Winkler: Influenced by Cornfields and Simple days | Artist Interview


Is it possible to have an artist crush? I’m obsessed with Whitney and her gorgeous work. And I got her to interview on this blog! So excited to share a bit of her beautiful mind and artwork here. Enjoy!

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100 Day Project 2018


On Tuesday, April 3rd, I will start on my third 100 Day Project adventure. I completed #100daysofflorals in 2016 and last year I started #100daysofsharingprocess, got to day 70 and stopped. This year I will be tackling another 100 days of making alongside thousands of creative people on Instagram and I can’t wait!

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The Magic of Intentional Wandering

ACS_0015Today was a little rough. I felt really directionless in my art discipline. Not because I didn’t have anything to work on but because I didn’t want to work on anything I had to do. I just didn’t want to. Sometimes I push myself by just ignoring the lack of motivation I have and pick up a paintbrush anyways. But sometimes, I just let myself rest.

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Take Me There: My First Art Show!

IMG_0034In September of this year (2017) I was the featured artist at the Morning Times coffee shop for the month. I’d never shown my work in a public space for any length of time and I certainly have never planned a show from start to finish with such large pieces before. It wasn’t a gallery or anything but I honestly prefer the coffee shop shows–you get a larger range of people coming in and you never know who is going to walk in to buy a latte only to then walk out with a piece of art.  Continue reading “Take Me There: My First Art Show!”

I Read 26 Books in Six Weeks

IMG_0911Hey friends! I haven’t posted since July…what?? I don’t have anything to say for myself except that it’s not because nothing happened. Actually I guess it would make more sense that it would be because way too many things happened- which is true. I don’t really feel like boring you and myself with playing catch-up so let’s just get on with it.

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